If God is Your Co-pilot, Change Seats!

One of the best ways to bless your marriage is to regularly stay in God’s Word. As the Psalmist wrote, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Ps. 119:105 We can choose to muddle through life on our own, doing things our own way, or we can light our path and make straight our way, by relying on … Read More

How to Respond to a Critical Spouse

In marriage, God wants us to hold one another lovingly accountable. Sometimes there are actions that need correction and a biblical reproof; other times it is best to just let things go. Before critiquing your spouse, you should ask yourself if this is a necessary admonishment. If it is, then carefully consider how to present it. It should be expressed … Read More

Being Intentional

A couple usually puts special effort into their relationship while they are dating and engaged. Early in the marriage they are eager to please one another, but after awhile, as they settle into marriage, they tend to begin investing that energy in other areas of life like career, family, friends, and outside activities. Before they know it, both the husband and … Read More

Wherever You Are ~ Be There!

The other day I went to the grocery store. As I was wheeling my basket of groceries to my car, I realized that I had just exchanged pleasantries with the clerk who checked my groceries, and she had responded to me in kind; but neither one of us had even made eye contact. We just went through the motions. We may … Read More

In-laws or Outlaws?

The relationship dynamics between spouses is challenging enough. When we add children, siblings, parents, in-laws, grandchildren, and grandparents, life can become very complicated. As you reflect on these relationships, it may surprise you how significantly these relationships impact your marriage relationship. Your marital relationship should always take priority over your respective families of origin. Extended family pressures may cause stress … Read More

3 Steps to Help Reconcile Your Personality Differences

Before we got married, 37 years ago, we went through a premarital counseling class with our pastor. During one of our meetings he asked everyone in the group to raise their hand if they were compatible with their fiancé. All twenty of us raised our hands high, only to have the pastor tell us we were all wrong. We were sure … Read More

10 Ways to Cultivate a More Forgiving Heart

Jesus knew that we would need to forgive others, especially our spouse, over and over again. Here are some thoughts to help cultivate a forgiving heart in your relationship: We will never have to forgive our partner as much as God has forgiven us. We tend to judge others by their worst act and yet judge ourselves by our best … Read More

How to Stop Bickering with Your Spouse

Do you find yourself often bickering with your spouse? We have a natural tendency to want to be right and prove that someone who disagrees with us is wrong. If you are right, no defense is necessary. If you are wrong, no defense will do. Jesus wants us to respond to our marital disagreements in a way that glorifies Him. From … Read More