8 Ways to Recapture the Peace When Conflicts Arise During the Holidays

The holidays are so full of expectations for the picture perfect Norman Rockwell moments. Each of us has an idea of what we want the Christmas season to be like. What happens when our dreams of Christmas are not met? Often the ideas we have for Christmas don’t match our spouses. Because of this our desires are either unmet or … Read More

How Thankful Are You?

Thanksgiving – Let’s take a moment to reflect on the word that designates this national holiday – thanksgiving. I think the word thanksgiving rates right up there with the word Rejoice! Thanksgiving, being grateful, being appreciative, this should be a way of life for us, naturally flowing from our hearts and mouths. When we are thankful, our focus moves off … Read More

Love is Easy Until Our Spouse Gets Difficult…Then What?

It seems the idea of loving our spouses is easy until something difficult happens in our relationship. Our spouse is cranky or thoughtless. He or she says something hurtful or insensitive. Critical relatives come into town and steal your peace while your spouse is enjoying every moment with them. There is a whole array of things that can happen that … Read More