Are You Married to the Perfect Spouse?

Are you married to the perfect spouse? Before you ponder this question too long, let me make it simple for you. The answer is NO! The Bible tells us, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” ~ Romans 3:23 So if you are looking for your spouse to be perfect, remember, no spouse is perfect. Not yours, not mine…not YOU! … Read More

Growing Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

God created us in His image, including being made with some of the same relational characteristics as the Triune God. We have the capacity and desire for connection, closeness, community, and dependency. God planned for married couples to meet many of each other’s needs for love and connection through the oneness of marriage. Emotional intimacy cultivates oneness. Some of the … Read More

You Build Me Up

Men and Women get their self-esteem in different ways. We each play an important role in this for our spouse.   Men generally get their self-esteem from their career and by providing for their family. A wife should be sensitive to this by believing in her husband, being interested in his career, and appreciating his efforts. In short, she needs … Read More