5 Great Benefits of Praying WITH Your Spouse

Pastor, Author, Speaker, Dr. Harold Sala, has been giving advice to married couples for over 55 years. Here he shares some great wisdom about praying together as a couple:

1) Prayer places us on the same level. The issue of power – who is in control – is one of the most frequent causes of marital battles. But when you pray, you are on equal footing. It’s somewhat humbling, because prayer forces us to recognize that God is sovereign and we are human.

2) Prayer brings God’s will into the equation. Decisions are more easily and correctly made when we slow down and say, “Lord, we want to do Your will. What do you want us to do?”

3) Prayer is a loving way to communicate. When you and your spouse look at an issue differently, prayer drains the bitterness from your heart, which then enables you to communicate and talk about what really concerns you in a loving way. Share your emotions openly and honestly before God. It is even more powerful if you join hands in an expression of oneness when you pray together.

4) Prayer changes your heart and mellows your spirit. When there is a disagreement in prayer, pray that God will give you both the same heart. Ask that God either change your heart or change your spouse’s. It is difficult to knot your fist in anger when you have just held hands with your spouse and looked to God in prayer.

5) Prayer results in intimacy and greater sexual fulfillment. It’s a fact, according to valid research: The greater a couple’s spiritual commitment, the more satisfying their sexual relationship…another special gift from God!