7 Tips for Planning a Great Date Night with Your Spouse

Either spouse can plan a date night. The date night could be an evening out, or a romantic night in. One of the healthiest things a couple can do is to continue to date each other after they are married. It is especially fun if you take turns planning the date night and try to make the night as special as you can for your spouse. Here are some tips to help make a memorable date.
  1. Plan your date. Create anticipation by setting your date a few days off. Show your devotion to your spouse by putting some effort into your planning. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, but planning ahead and taking care of any details shows your thoughtfulness. Try to keep in mind things what your spouse would enjoy. If at any time things don’t go perfectly during the date, view it as an adventure and laugh about it. The most important thing is that the two of you are together.
  2. Set the mood in the morning. Write a fun message to your spouse on the bathroom mirror with an erasable marker. I (Ed) recently wrote to Angie, “Out of 7 billion people in the world, God blessed me with the best wife of all!”
  3. Build anticipation. Text or call your spouse during the day to say how much you are looking forward to your date.
  4. Set the tone. If you are going out, get your car cleaned. Put a nice air freshener in the car. Have some music to play that you both enjoy. If you are staying in, light some scented candles. Create the appropriate environment for your activity.
  5. Dress for the event. Put a little extra care and attention into your dress for the evening. Get prettied up, put on some perfume or cologne, freshen your breathe, etc.
  6. Treat each other special. Throughout the evening, do extra little thoughtful things treat each other special. Open the car door for her. Rub the back of his neck when he is driving. Hold hands when you walk. Buy her a flower for her hair.
  7. Have uplifting conversation. Try to avoid talking about heavy topics like family problems, work situations, or financial struggles. Instead, try to have light, uplifting conversation. If you are at a loss of how to start this type of conversation, here are some Couple Conversation Starters.