A New Year’s Prayer

Year’s ago we attended a wedding where the couple each brought forth a little bound scroll. They explained to those present that each of them had written down a prayer to God for His specific blessings on their first year of marriage. They placed their scrolls in an empty bottle and put the cork on the end of the bottle. They declared that on their first year anniversary they would open each other’s scrolls and see how God had answered their prayers. The entire scene was a beautiful illustration of two becoming one with God at the center of the union.

This prompted us to start an annual tradition of each of us writing out a prayer for our marriage on New Year’s Day and sealing it in an envelope. Each New Year’s Eve, we open our prayers and read them to each other. The first year we did this, I (Angie) wrote a very safe, conservative prayer. God answered every word of it. Ed, on the other hand, wrote a big, bold prayer. We were blessed to see that God answered all of his prayer too.

From that time on, we both have made it a practice to pray boldly in God’s will. After all, the Bible says,

You do not have, because you do not ask God” ~ James 4:2

Prayer is one of the most uniting things we can do in marriage. Transparently praying together brings God into the oneness of our marriage.

Exercise:  Sit down with your spouse and each write out your prayer to God for His specific blessings on your marriage. Seal your prayers in an envelope to be opened together and shared next New Year’s Eve.