Ed Angie WrightWhen most people think about God’s calling for their life, they think it will appear suddenly and powerfully, leaving no doubt as to the source and meaning of the message, and no choice but to follow its lead. But not everyone has a "Road to Damascus" moment. For many, their calling reveals itself slowly. Each step in the right direction increases the magnetism to their calling, as they see it more clearly. This was the path of Ed and Angie Wright.   

Harold and Darlene Sala, founders of Guidelines International Ministries, have lovingly mentored Ed and Angie Wright for over twenty years. Over time, Ed and Angie came to realize they shared the Sala’s passion for encouraging healthy Christ-centered marriages. The Sala’s spiritual tutelage inspired the Wrights, to get involved in a Premarital Counseling Ministry that was forming at Saddleback Church back in 1999.  The Lay Counseling Supervisor at Saddleback Church, Kathy Jo Stones, M.F.T., crafted a unique premarital counseling ministry in which mature Christian couples would counsel the engaged couples. Ed and Angie immersed themselves in the ministry cultivating a more thorough understanding of God’s design for marriage while improving their own marriage skills. Tapping into Ed’s keen organizational and business skills they authored, Two Becoming One, the premarital counseling curriculum that is in use at Saddleback Church today.

As Ed and Angie grew in their passion for strengthening marriages, Dr. Sala and Darlene invited them to travel with them multiple times to speak at marriage conferences in the Philippines and Singapore. Guidelines had their premarital program translated and culturalized into Russian. The program has been taken through various outreach programs to Argentina, China, and New Zealand. Ed and Angie even had the opportunity to speak to a secular audience about Christian marriage principles at TEDx in Albany, NY.

The Wright’s have seen the value of bringing their materials to other churches. They have offered their resources and training to local churches free of charge. They are committed to helping pastors, who may be overburdened with church commitments, have the peace of mind that their engaged couples will receive excellent premarital counseling and through the process, other couples within the church will be blessed. The marrying pastor also receives a full summary of the counseling sessions.

Under the ongoing championing of the Sala’s, Ed and Angie have continued to grow their Marriage by God ministry outreach. In 2012, the Sala's invited the Wright's to come under the umbrella of Guidelines International Ministries. This was both an honor and a blessing to partner with such a well established (Guidelines was founded in 1963), highly respected ministry. They continue to refine and update their materials and are on their 8th edition. Today they administer the program at Crossline Church.

God continued to impress on the Wright’s hearts that they should write a complimentary program for couples who are already married and may be looking for a little marriage tune-up. Angie wrote a marriage enrichment Bible study for wives that she taught to women at their church. Finally, in full obedience to God, Ed and Angie once again partnered with Kathy Jo Stones to co-author a couple-to-couple marriage enrichment mentoring program, Putting the “Happily” In Your Ever After! This has received the best response of all.

Ed and Angie are partners in every sense of the word. They have been married since 1978, in ministry together since 1999, and they have had successful sales careers in real estate since 1979 (Angie joined Ed in sales in 1983). In addition to having thriving sales careers, they founded Regency Real Estate Brokers in 1994, and Legacy Home Loans in 2000, as well as franchising Aviara Real Estate in 2004. Today they manage a team of real estate agents and play supportive administrative roles in their other companies.

Ed and Angie have always considered the parenting of their two grown sons, Casey and Corey to be their greatest blessing. In 2002 Ed was inspired to write and dedicate a book to their son’s, entitled What You Didn’t Learn In College. Little did the Wrights know that when they became empty-nesters and decided to get involved in ministry it was going to be just the beginning of an amazing journey God was to bring them on. He has shown them over and over again, that we ALL tend to pray too small. Our God is much bigger than we trust and believe. Marriage by GOD ministries are living proof that God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called!

It’s all too easy for a marriage counselor to sprinkle Scripture on secular philosophy or present ideas they’ve never actually lived. But I’ve observed Ed and Angie Wright’s relationship and I'm impressed with their faithfulness to Scripture and the quality of their own marriage. They practice what they teach and it has given them a robust marriage from which they help other couples flourish.Clay Jones, D.Min., M.Div., Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University