For Women Only (Guys you will like this!)

…the wife must respect her husband (Ephesians 5:33b).

Ladies, here are ten tips for being a fantastic wife. Men and women may universally appreciate some of these ideas, but others are specifically geared to speak love to your man.

1.   RESPECT: It has been said that “a wife can make a man or break a man.” There’s no quicker way to build resentment in your man than to criticize him or belittle him, especially in front of others. Be honoring and respectful to your husband. Build him up in front of others. Be proud of his accomplishments and affirm him. Speak about him in a way that shows how much you love and admire him. Be his #1 fan!

2.   SUPPORT: Be supportive of his leadership decisions for the family. Show a united front to others, especially the children. When you don’t agree with him, respectfully (and privately), let him know you don’t agree. Give him the freedom not to use your suggestions, and do not be offended if he does not follow them. Don’t undermine his decisions by nagging or complaining. If you don’t see eye-to-eye after discussing things, silently submit your desires to the Lord.

3.   ATTITUDE: Choose your attitude! Resolve to focus on the things you love about your husband, not the things you want to change. Be forgiving.

4.   HAVE A GIVING HEART: Even when you are tired, save some of your energy every day for him. Go out of your way to give him special touches like shoulder rubs or foot massages. Make him his favorite meal. Ask him how you can help him.

5.   ENVIRONMENT: Make your home a welcoming environment he enjoys walking into. Stop whatever you are doing and greet him in a loving way. Or, if you come in after him, seek him out and give him a big hug and kiss.

6.   SEX: (You knew this one was coming!) Sexual intimacy is an important way we communicate love in marriage. Present yourself in an attractive way to your husband. Initiate sex sometimes.

7.   SPECIAL TIME: It has been said that women like face-to-face time, meaning that they want to be engaged in talking; guys like to be shoulder-to-shoulder. They just like the companionship of being together. Spend time with him doing activities he enjoys even if you are just there to observe and spend time with him.

8.   FUN: Be the fun person he married. Sometimes we let the stresses of life overwhelm us. Look for ways to keep fun in your relationship.

9.   BEST FRIENDS: Treat your husband like the best friend that he is. Listen to him. Make him feel like the most important person in your life.  Put him first over the other “people and things” in your life.

10. PRAY: Pray for your husband every day. Ask your husband how you can be specifically praying for him.