How to Experience More Joy with Your Spouse This CHRISTmas Season

Our pastor recently shared in his Sunday message that “Joy is the byproduct of believing the Gospel, living the Gospel, sharing the Gospel and helping others to experience the Gospel.”

Do you and your spouse want to experience more holiday joy this season? Work together to find extra ways to live out the Gospel. While others are anxious or frustrated with all of the holiday stress, hustle and bustle, choose to be a joyful expression of God’s love with all whom you encounter.

We recently spent a few days in a hotel as we enjoyed our annual family trip we take with our adult children. Each day we left a little tip for the room service attendant along with a note that my husband wrote that said, “Thank you. May God bless you! Ed and Angie”  The second day we had to run back to our room to grab a couple of things. When we arrived at our room, Patricia was making-up our room. This wonderful woman was overjoyed to run into us. She told us she was going to leave us a little note, but was even happier to be able to speak to us in person. She went on to explain that she was from Jamaica. She came from a big family who did not have very much money. She was forced to leave school at the age of 12 to begin working full-time in order to financially help her family. She said she appreciated the nice tip we left, but that money comes and goes. What touched her most, was our note that said, “May God bless you.” She said the blessing would stay with her forever. As we left, I hugged Patricia and thanked her for sharing her story.

I am not sure who was more touched that day. It seems that when we share God’s love with others, it returns in bigger ways than we can even imagine thus creating joy!

This Christmas may you and your spouse challenge each other to live the Gospel, share the gospel, and help others to experience the love of God. This would be the best birthday gift you could possibly give to Jesus this CHRISTmas!