Is Your Spouse Treating You Like Royalty?

 Be devoted to one another in love ~ Romans 12:10
With your busy schedules for you and your spouse, is it challenging to find time to make each other feel special? In 2004, Angie and I were very busy. Our two sons were in college. We were working full-time at one company while starting another new company, plus we were very involved in ministry. We found it hard to spend special time together, so we invented a game that helped us stay more connected. Little did we know what a profound effect this game would have on our marriage.We named the game “King or Queen for the Day.” The game starts with each spouse picking which day they want to be King or Queen, then making a small list of things they might like for their spouse to do on their special day. Angie is Queen for the day on Fridays, and I am King for the day on Saturdays. Before you get scared off, it doesn’t require that you stop living for two days each week. The very reason we started this game was because we were short on time, and wanted to have meaningful special time together. We regularly teach this game to the couples that go through our Marriage by God premarital or marriage enrichment programs. It has been life-changing for many of them.

Perhaps the best way to explain the game is to share about a recent Saturday when I was King:

I woke up Saturday to Angie giving me a half-hour massage. In order to keep this article G-rated, let’s move on. When I got up to shower, there was a love note written on my bathroom mirror with erasable marker. As King, I decided that we would go to Ruby’s Diner for breakfast (my favorite). Later in the day, while I was working on my computer, Angie gave me a 5-minute scalp massage. I asked her to refresh my soda and get me a snack. She immediately complied with a smile. Later that day, I had some work to do in the garage. To my delight, Angie left little love notes throughout the garage where I would find them. That night, Angie made my favorite dinner, followed by my favorite dessert. I indeed felt like a King.

Regardless of how great your marriage is, there will be times when you get off track. If you consistently play King/Queen for the day, your marriage will never wander too far into the sour patch before you are once again intentionally serving one another in love. This game does not require big heroic actions or volumes of time. If you have large commitments on one of your days, you can still find small ways to show your love to your spouse. Be creative. I love being King for the day, but I also have fun coming up with new ways to make Fridays special for Angie. God is glorified when we are devoted to one another in love.

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May God bless and keep you in His loving care!

Ed and Angie Wright

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