Oh No! We’ve Become THAT Couple!”

 I remember when we were dating, we could spend hours endlessly talking with each other over coffee. More than once, we would look over at another table and see a couple who were both staring off into space. They had run out of things to talk about. I remember saying to one another, “That will never happen to us! We will never run out of things to talk about.”
Now, after 37 years of marriage, we still have robust conversation. Much of it centers around our family, our work, or our ministry. While these are important topics that are interesting to us both, they do not build emotional intimacy in our relationship. We stay intentional about making an effort to regularly break from the norm and have more personal conversation that draws us closer. At other times we draw together in fun, silly conversation.
It is important to keep fun, entertaining and heartfelt conversation alive in your relationship in order to grow in emotional intimacy throughout the years. However, if a couple is not intentional about this, it is easy to drift apart. If you need help with some good conversation starters, check out this resource on our website for Fun Conversation Starters.
Sometimes a couple is not lacking on what to talk about, but they have difficulty finding quality time to have good conversation. Here are three ways to find that special time together:
  • Turn off the television and other distractions at the dinner table.
  • Go to bed 15 minutes early.
  • Have a weekly coffee date.
As with all aspects of enriching your marriage a couple needs to stay intentional. What are some ways you and your spouse keep conversations fun, entertaining, heartfelt and alive in your relationship? Please share. 🙂