What is Your Spouse Really Saying?

Body Language is the form of communication that is most involuntary; therefore, it is usually the most honest. Non-verbal messages are communicated through gestures, postures, facial expressions, and other behaviors. You might not be a body language expert, but quite often you can intuitively sense what others are saying through their non-verbal messages. Here are some body language tips you can use to communicate more positively:

  • Make eye contact with your spouse when you are communicating.
  • Use physical touch to express approval, care, concern, or support. A loving touch can help your partner feel safe in sharing their emotions.
  • Study your partner’s non-verbal communication. It may speak volumes to you—without even a word spoken.
  • Be aware of what your non-verbal gestures are communicating, both negatively and positively. Are you expressing a loving, caring, and respectful attitude, or a critical, defensive, unapproachable stance?